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Friday, January 26, 2007

Vindication: I Know More than A Career Minor-Leaguer

How sweet. I appeared on Off The Record last year with some bulldog-faced goon who is a career AHL journeyman and, I guess, the toast of Hamilton. I was appearing, in part, to talk about Sidney Crosby, then in his rookie season. Eventually the topic of debate turned to, Crosby vs Ovechkin: Who'd you take? I said Crosby, whereupon the knuckledragger launched into a you-don't-play-the-game-you-can't-know-my-buddies-all-say-AO rant.

Results of espn.com's survey of NHLers:

"If you could pick on player to start a team ..."

TOP VOTE-GETTER: Sidney Crosby (45%).•
OTHER MENTIONS: Martin Brodeur, Devils (11%); Alexander Ovechkin, Capitals (10%); Joe Thornton, Sharks (9%); Nicklas Lidstrom, Red Wings (5%); Scott Niedermayer, Ducks (5%); Chris Pronger, Ducks (2%); Jarome Iginla, Flames (2%); Peter Forsberg, Flyers (2%); Joe Sakic, Avalanche (2%); Miikka Kiprusoff, Flames (2%); Roberto Luongo, Canucks (2%): Ryan Miller, Sabres (2%).

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